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Are you ready to celebrate American Pharmacists Month? This October, it's time to show appreciation for the dedicated professionals, leaders, and pharmacy students who are vital to our healthcare system. American Pharmacists Month is an opportunity to recognize the hard work, expertise, and commitment of pharmacists (and future pharmacists) across the country. But how can you participate and make a difference? What is American Pharmacists Month? American Pharmacists Month is an annual event held in October to honor and celebrate the contributions of

As we head into high summer, the bright sun signals both fun and foe – an enemy against exposed skin and eyes. July is also UV (ultraviolet) Safety Month. It’s our annual reminder to take UV safety seriously, during this month when we’re exposed to the strongest direct sunlight. (The rest of the year is just as important!) Skin Cancer: A Public Health Issue UV radiation is a major risk factor for skin cancer. UV rays can also cause premature aging and

Pharmacists are entrusted with sensitive patient data on a daily basis. With the rise of telemedicine and online prescription services, pharmacists are now more vulnerable than ever to cyber threats – and threat actors have more incentive than ever to level these attacks. In our digital world, the importance of cybersecurity cannot be overstated.  In this article, we explore the key cybersecurity challenges faced by pharmacists and discuss effective strategies to mitigate these risks. Training self and staff in cybersecurity best

This is the second half of a two-part series for June – Men’s Health Month. The first part was posted on June 12, 2023, The Role of Pharmacists in Men’s Health. Pharmacists play a crucial role in men's health by providing various services related to medication management, health education, and promoting overall well-being. Here are some specific roles pharmacists undertake in men's health: Medication Management Health Education OTC Medication Advice Smoking Cessation Men’s Sexual Health Vaccinations Health Screenings Medication Management Pharmacists are experts